Intercom systems are basically electronic communication systems. They can be used for direct communication between two points or sometimes for mass announcements, like a public address system. Intercoms can be connected to a door striker for access control. By connecting it to the door, the intercom system becomes part of the access control system.

The most common type of intercom system that people are familiar with are building intercoms. They are essentially a collection of speakers, microphones and releases for strikers, communicating through a central panel. In most buildings, both residential and commercial, they allow a visitor communication with the resident so that it can be determined who they are before the resident allows entry.

At JennCom we offer a complete line of voice/musical intercoms, voice intercoms, music distribution systems and video door answering systems.

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    Most of our clients fall into one of three categories:

    • You are repairing an existing Intercom System
      We are able to troubleshoot many problems in your home to determine the origin of the problem that you are experiencing. In the event that it is not possible or feasible to repair your unit we can quote you a price to replace your existing system.
    • You are replacing an existing Intercom System
      Depending on the design, age and location of your current system; you may be able upgrade to a newer system without the need for extensive re-wiring. Let us know if there is a problem with your intercom so that we can help. Jenncom Security LLC has the expertise to help you make the right purchasing decision as well as answer any installation questions.
    • You are installing a new Intercom System (new construction)
      We install systems locally on a daily basis and can help you purchase and install the right residential or business intercom system

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